Chasing the Moon, by A. Lee Martinez

This book caught me on the first page with a series of sentences: “The bed fell back into place. The window unbroke. An invisible hand tried to pluck Calvin from the fabric of reality. It failed, as it always did. He was a barb stuck beneath the skin of the universe, an unwanted invader that could not be removed. The invisible hand scratched at him like a dog scratching at a flea. It didn’t hurt but it was irritating.”

Okay, I thought, I’m charmed. The book nabbed me and carried me along with a fun story and excellent comic writing. A Lovecraftian world of monsters who seem to exist without the notice of the human world. The narrative flips between Calvin, Lord of the Wilds, and a young woman named Diana who has rented an apartment only to have the exits disappear. Diana has been granted immortality but the only way out is through a closet door containing a monster that will consume her. A monster¬†named Vom that she strikes up a conversation with through the closed door and eventually puppy trains into obedience. She discovers an apartment building filled with monsters and prisoner and learns to find her way among the strange creatures while still managing her love life. Soon they try to defeat an even greater monster determined to devour the moon and destroy the earth, all while facing shifting realities.

The book is adorable and a fast read. I picked it up on a sale, I think, and wasn’t sure what to think. A fun surprise, which is all too rare in reading. It reminded me of Peter Clines’¬†14, with more fullout attempts to keep things light. Meanwhile I’m sending a copy to a friend who wore a “Cthulhu 2016: Why vote for the lesser evil?” t-shirt.