Somebody I Used to Know, by David Bell

I guess it’s my week for bad books. First Nora Roberts now this.

I’m always amazed at writers who draw good reviews, good cover blurbs, good sales, and yet are really bad writers. Technically bad. Bad dialogue. Characters who don’t talk like people. Unbelievable premises.

In this book Nick Hansen sees a girl in a store who is the spitting image of a woman he fell in love with in college. A woman who died in a fire. He tries to talk to her but she runs away. Soon after the police are at his door. The girl was found dead in her motel. Nick’s name and address were found on the body. Now comes a sketchy investigation into who the girl really was with some of the following plot twists: three women who look nearly identical, a family that disappears because a daughter accidentally ran over a child, ex-wives who get restraining orders and then tell the ex-husband that they never really believed the cause of the restraining order so come see the kid, girlfriends from college that keep up their passion after 20 unrequited years, cops who don’t act like cops, fire investigators who can’t tell male from female remains. It’s a mess of a book with suspect motivations for nearly every mannequin in the book. Things don’t get any better at the illogical reveal.

I really expected more, which shows what good cover marketing can do for a bad publication.