Keto-Adapted: Your Guide to Accelerated Weight  Loss and Healthy Healing, by Maria Emmerich

I reached a plateau in my ketogenic dieting and decided I needed some tips and insights to get me moving forward on weight loss again. This book did the trick.

The book is filled with scores of tips on living a ketogenic lifestyle. What I needed to learn and tips that I pulled for myself included:

  1. The ratios of fats/carbs/protein need to stay in balance. Working within 30 grams or less of carbohydrates isn’t enough as the body will also convert protein to glucose. This meant focusing more on my cookbooks and keeping a food journal to track my eating and ratios. (I use the Samsung fitness app.)
  2. Intermittent fasting is useful and easier than it sounds. I’ve stopped eating at 7-8 PM and have several activities after I wake up before eating. That gives me 12 hours of fasting which, after waking, means my body is using its own fat stores for energy.
  3. Small tips like lowering the house thermostat, good for me and the planet as bodies use calories to maintain heat. Cinnamon supplements before meals because once you’re insulin resistant it helps to suppress insulin production so your body produces ketones for energy in place of glucose.

There are things in this book that I probably will never do. Using coconut oil for mouthwash in the morning? No thanks. Not using plastic containers for drinking or food storage? Manufacturers of plastic containers have been eliminating the hormone producing chemicals from their manufacturing. Cooking in plastic is another matter.

But Emmerich goes into great detail on what happens in the body, things to try for specific health needs, and activity suggestions. I pulled a few that were worthwhile for my situation and will go back and consider some more. Another person might choose a whole different collection of bits of advice.

I have a couple of Emmerich’s cookbooks (reviews coming soon) and knew she was committed to this eating program. She also consults across the country and included before and after pictures that people have sent in to her, which helps with encouragement.

The changes I made from the book helped me break the plateau and lose pounds again in a few days. The changes also helped reduce my general appetite. Doing the lifestyle change is easier than explaining it to others, so I’ve stopped mentioning that I’ve been in the kitchen making two weeks worth of “fat bombs” to put in the freezer. Letting people know that 80% of your daily calories come from fats takes more explanation than it’s worth. Just eat, don’t talk about it.