The Broken Ones, by Sarah A. Denzil

An English school teacher spends her nights caring for her mother who is declining with early-onset Alzheimer’s. It’s not a happy chore, caring for a woman who was angry and cruel when she was a child and is no more pleasant under the burden of this disease.

Strange things begin to happen. Lost keys. A found button. Memories of a shadow friend. Her mother wakes in the dark hours telling of a presence in her room.

Soon she learns that her mother carries a horrible secret.

Denzil has created a mystery in the Hitchcock tradition as strange events compile around a lonely woman. The reader is teased along wondering whether it’s the mother, a man from an online dating site who she only met for tea, or is she the one doing these things with no memory? It has the feel and pace of a horror story until there’s a sudden shift in the action and the ending may make you question your own feelings. In any case it’s an unusual book that is an interesting and often spooky read. Your ultimate feeling about the book will probably depend on whether or not you accept the sudden change in action and the mystery’s reveal. I won’t spoil a bit of it for you but I’m still pondering the twist and the ending a few days after finishing the book.