The Unmaking Engine (World Walker Series, Volume 2), by Ian W. Sainsbury

The Unmaking Engine picks up where Sainsbury’s The World Walker left off. In that book humans began experiencing near superpowers, all associated with “thin” places on the earth where those powers would be activated by a unique energy field.

Seb Varden is one of those gifted with these powers, but his go far beyond anything others seem to experience and aren’t related to the same need to be near an energy field. He uses his powers to continue to try to help others and fight examples of evil. But there’s a growing malignant force going by the name Mason that continues to challenge Varden and those dear to him.

The narrative moves between Seb’s search for Mason while trying to deal with what he sees as shortcomings of his powers and also the life of a child raised in an abusive family. The two stories come together as the book progresses.

Seb and Meera are still in hiding in Mexico City, and there has been an assassination team assigned to find and eliminate them. There’s also a growing understanding of the source of the energy, called Manna, and that it’s the culmination of a 2-billion year project by some beings who think the project has failed and that it’s time to erase humanity.

As with the last book, Sainsbury does an excellent job of weaving together narratives with new and creative aliens and entities. Seb Varden is a great character and his relationship with Meera gets more interesting through the book. The action is almost constant and the book never gets boring. While the book comes to a solid conclusion it’s clear that Seb is headed for an even greater power and confrontation in the third volume.