The Delphi Effect (Delphi Trilogy Book 1), Rysa Walker

Anna Morgan is seventeen and can talk to the dead. They come to her at odd times when she touches something they once touched. They stick with her until they’ve satisfied some unanswered need from their time in life and when that is accomplished they leave. After they leave she retains their memories. Sometimes that’s a good thing. In one case, that of a killer, she’s had to wall those memories off so that they can’t run free in her mind.

Now she’s getting messages from the dead granddaughter of a former detective. She wants Anna to contact him to help bring justice to her killer. This brings Anna to the attention of a security company, owned by a long-time friend of the grandfather since the grandfather’s first instinct is that Anna is a scam artist. That friend’s grandson has similar powers to Anna’s. Unfortunately, she’s also now in the radar of a secret agency that wants to tap her unique skills, and they’ll do anything to have her under their control.

This is the opening book in a trilogy featuring Anna and her fight against this agency. The book is fun in quite a few ways. Most of the dead who visit Anna … or take her over in a way … end up leaving her better in many respects. She has more knowledge and better skills since she can tap their stored memories. The three grandchildren from the security agency are also interesting characters and their interactions with Anna are a treat. It’s a well-written thriller, as well. This is particularly true when Anna is kidnapped by the ruthless agency (so horrible that they kill people just to test her skills in contacting the dead) and her new friends from the security company work to rescue her.

As with all the best books for young adults, this book is just as powerful for un-young-adult readers, with action, a mystery, and even a little romance. The full trilogy is available. The next two books are The Delphi Resistance, and The Delphi Revolution. I’ll probably add those to my reading list to find out more of what happens to Anna.