No Coming Back, by Keith Houghton

Jake Olson was in his teens when he was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Jenna Luckman. Now on parole he returns to his hometown of Harper, Minnesota, to see his sick father and, with luck, solve the murder he never committed.

This is really a pretty dopey book, so I don’t intend to spend much time on it. As an example, Jake gets into town and, what a coincidence, a tree that Jake and friends played around as a kid falls over exposing a skeleton. Nature sure is kind.

The story then follows in which a group of upstanding town citizens spent much of the time while Jake was in high school humping local teens who, you know, were in it for kicks and sexual adventure. Then those guys start dying, Jake gets beat up multiple times, the coincidental skeleton ends up solving an even darker mystery, and the person who has shown no clues ends up being the killer.

Dopey. Free on Kindle Unlimited. It’s not worth the wi-fi download time.