I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I added anything here. Chalk it up to a combination of emotional goofiness, family issues, stagnant breezes from the south, computer trouble, political oppression, malaise. Also, after a couple years of widowerhood, I decided that the volume of my reading was a nice hideout from the world and I was tired of hiding out. I even did a reading fast during Lent, cutting down book and audiobook consumption to an hour a day. I’ve been making music, going to bars, hanging out with reprobates, and exploring my tolerances.

I’ve still been reading. Some of it was wonderful. I would discover a new author or series and dig through as much as I could find. I wish that was a common experience in my reading but, honestly, a lot of it was painful. All it takes is one best seller and the authorial fish all start swimming downstream to catch the tide. This past year has given me a ton of unreliable narrator books, missing child books, books about every possible aspect and aftermath of World War II, sci-fi/fantasy based on role playing games, and questionable or boring non-fiction.

I feel the need to get back to a regular schedule and catch you up on some of the rancid and wonderful things I pick up, as well as catch you up on things that kept me an encouraged reader over the past year.

Sorry for that gap. I’m that way sometimes.